About Us!

About Boozy Babes!

 Boozy Babes is a powerful team of females providing professional mobile bartending services. We make hiring bartenders for large or small events easy and stress-free. We are a team of highly trained and certified professional bartenders that will get the job done right. We have many years experience in the hospitality business providing phenomenal full service bartending for weddings, corporate functions, and social celebrations. We promised to customize each experience to address your needs. We are licensed to mix and serve drinks. We currently hold general and liquor liability. 

 If you’re looking for a complete bartending solution, we offer a mobile bar service that gives you the full bartending package for your event. We ensure that all our bartenders are well versed in pouring drinks, making cocktails and handling tills and card machines with ease. If you want premium bartenders for your premises or event, look no further. Whether you need to hire someone to serve soft drinks or a full bar, we are the gals.

 When mixing drinks is an integral part of your business, you want people behind bar people who know the trade inside out. At Boozy Babes we offer a full suite of bar-related services in the Gainesville area, from bar hire and set-up to supplying experienced bartenders for a range of events. Our company has provided bartending services for pop-up parties, festivals, corporate events, sports hospitality and more; wherever you can fit a bar, we’ve probably done it. Get in touch today at (352) 451-6003 for a quote on our bartending service.

DISCLAIMER: To ensure there is no misunderstanding, We, Boozy Babes, can NOT supply alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine or liquor. We are able to pick up the liquor for you once it has been purchased, we are also able to supply a purchase list for the alcoholic beverages. If you want a vendor to purchase alcoholic beverages please ask!

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